For reasons that say more about me than anything else, those posts entitled "3 things you didn't know about XYZ" always bugged me. Lately they've softened to "you probably didn't know". But being a smug know-it-all, when it comes to devtools, I tend to know (nearly) all the tricks.

Anyway, here's my contribution!


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$$ > $

Hopefully you already know that if the $ name space isn't taken already, devtools will give you access (from inside the console only) to a $ function that you can pass a CSS expression and it will return the first matching DOM node:

$('a') === document.querySelector('a')

This is useful, but if you're familiar with jQuery, then you might want a collection of matching elements rather than just the first one.

$$ will return a collection, but what's cool is that this is not the result of document.querySelectorAll. The result of a call with $$ is actually an array, so it comes pre-packaged with .map, .forEach, .reduce and so on.

So in fact, this is what $$ is (approximately):

let $$ = (expr, ctx = document) => {
  return Array.from(ctx.querySelectorAll(expr));

A few notes on my implementation above:

  • Using let because user code can overwrite it
  • Using default arguments to set ctx to the root node if it's not passed in
  • Array.from will cast the result from querySelectorAll to an Array
  • Multi-line just so it fits nicely on my blog :)

I've not actually see the source to the console code, but I do know that devtools does a little bit more in that if the ctx argument isn't a DOM node, it'll default to the document node (i.e. you can pass a string in devtools, and it will be ignored, whereas my code above will throw an exception).

So, now you know you can do some fun-time DOM node manipulation straight off the result of $$.

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