I spent a long weekend in Center Parcs with my family. Ellis (4½) was confidently going underwater, and Seren (2) was paddling away with a ring around her.

Whilst we were washing in the communal showers, an man, probably around 60 years old said the right thing.

He turned to me, whilst I washed Ellis and Seren, and said:

My wife and I have seen a lot of tattoos around this place, and although we don't really like them, we noticed yours, and, well, thought it was really touching. It means something.

He was referring to the tattoo on my chest of my baby's hand. I'm never too good with compliments, but I've learnt over the years that a simple "thank you" is enough.

He went on to ask:

So, which one of these two is it?

I told him: "It's the third one. She's not here any more". His reply, without being flustered:

Well, that makes it even more special.

He's right, it does.

Ellis' hand rests on Tia's hand print

It's hard to explain, but people seeing Tia makes her real beyond my world. It's nice for me for other people to see her, even after all these short years.