Back in April 2012 I joined the bandwagon and backed the hyped kickerstarter campaign for the very first Pebble.

After waiting way way too long and abandoning my original choice for an orange watch I was forced to choose the black, only to get my hands on it earlier.

I also hadn't worn a watch in well over 15 years. I'm not 100% what prompted me to buy the watch. Perhaps the promise of an open source platform...?

When it fin-nal-ly arrived, what I noticed immediately was that it was massive on my wrist. The strap was particularly large and never really felt snug.

I figured it wouldn't even last 3 months on my wrist.

What was the point of the Pebble?

The Pebble gave me one important (to me) feature. Text messages (and calls) would vibrate on my wrist.

I'd found that when I was away from home, I'd nearly always miss text messages from my wife. Even when my phone was on vibrate and loud, I'd still miss them.

A small vibration on my wrist would subtlety alert me to something I could decide to action or not. For me, this was a big deal and an important feature.

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