Full Frontal has it's ticket release date(s!) and as usual, I'm already carefully curating the content I want to hear at Full Frontal, but I always make sure I allot a few positions for CFP - because let's face it: I don't know, what I don't know.

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I've published 38 videos for new developers, designers, UX, UI, product owners and anyone who needs to conquer the command line today.

So, if you think you've got something to share, then get in touch. I've included a few guidelines as to what I prefer from a proposal, and given you an idea of the kinds of topics I'm interested in hearing about this year.

Proposal topic advice

I've also included what you can expect as a speaker at our event too.

Topics that interest me:

  • Web technology used outside of browsers
  • What we can learn in web development from other technology/disciplines
  • Debugging in new and unexpected ways
  • The future of the web/the future and how the web will be part of that
  • SysOP problems for JavaScript/node devs
  • Performance and squeezing insanity through the pipeline
  • Large scale application design problems that specifically applies to small scale
  • "You're doing it wrong"

If you want to get an idea of the audience or who you proposal is for, the answer is simple: me. I curate for content that I want to hear and see. So if you (roughly) know my work, then you know the audience.

Topics that don't work, unless they're genuinely going to change the World, then CFPs like these generally fall to the bottom of the pile (sorry!):

  • Library specific talks
  • Your company's new product
  • Talks that are very similar to previous Full Frontal talks

Send me the title of your talk, an outline of the talk and any extra information you want me to know about the idea: events@leftlogic.com

If your proposal (is genuine and) comes in before 14 July 5pm UK time then we'll give early access to buy a ticket before the second wave of tickets are released. Regardless, if your proposal is selected, we'll refund your conference ticket if you bought one.

Our promise to you

All our speakers are treated the same. We will:

  • Pay for your travel. If you're flying long haul, we'll upgrade you to premium class (or whatever the name is for "above economy")
  • Put you up in our "speaker hotel". It's not that cool, but it's right in town and two minutes walk from our venue. We're also open to offering the hotel stay. If you want an extra day or two here and there, then that's cool too (obviously if everyone does this, it breaks our bank, but so far it's worked)
  • Arrange your travel and help you with anything you need ahead of the event
  • We can, if you need or want it, provide you with a mifi preloaded with data
  • All your food and drinks provided for you during the day before and the day of the conference (don't expect to buy a drink at the after party)
  • 40 minute talk, generally we don't do Q&A and it's best to err on the side of "there is no wifi"
  • £500 honourium - I know it's not much, but it's a bit of spending money to say thanks
  • A free pass to the following year of Full Frontal, and for evermore part of our growing and much loved speaker alumni

So I hope to hear from you soon!