In two weeks, 18th & 19 July, I aim to run two very separate workshops for two very separate audiences, but the honest truth is ticket sales have been extremely slow and I've got to start considering the chopping block.

  • Node - a day crash course in now it works, tools, creating real-time sites & adding databases and releasing.
  • jQuery for Designers (and beginners) - an introduction for those people who are new (or afraid) of JavaScript, who want to just "do stuff", add a bit of interaction without having to outsource the work.

The workshops will be practical and packed with information.

A choice

I have a choice to make, and I've got a week to make it: do I cancel one or both for these workshops? One thing that is reassuring that it isn't just me is that I've heard that sales in workshops have been quite slow for other folks in the industry too.

So I wanted to say, in black and white, if you've been thinking about attending or you're trying to secure funds or such like, please either buy your ticket now or get in touch and we can help work it out.

In the past I've seen my workshops sell out in a single day and never really had trouble getting the tickets sold, but I know that I'm a much better developer and teacher than I am a sales person - and that's the struggle I know a lot of my peers face in this community.

If you're interested or need a reminder, take a look at what you'll learn then take a look at the overview pages for Node in a day: a knowledge smash & grab and jQuery for Designers and beginners.

Don't just take my word

Here's some people who've attended similar workshops in the past:

A day of lightbulbs ~ you demystified jQuery for me—made it easy to understand, now happily working with what you taught me, thank you. — Prisca Schmarsow

jQuery for designers gave me everything I needed to use jQuery day to day. Now I write my own plug-ins & run my own jQuery workshop — Richard Powell

Today's workshop was excellent, it's got me really excited about JavaScript again — Matt Smith

[…] such an insightful day. Many thanks for the workshop @rem - you've given us plenty to think about and build on. — James Sheppard

Obviously I'd prefer not to reach out like this, I'd prefer for you all to think that my workshops sell out in seconds, every time they're released, but this is real life, and I wanted to expose what I was thinking in case anyone didn't realise I was running workshops, or was on the fence or even trying to secure company funds. I have to make a decision by 12th July.

I know I'll definitely see some of you there.

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