Full Frontal is launching tickets next Monday (25-June) at 10am, and I wanted to give you a heads up as to what you can expect.

I should add all this information will be fully revealed as soon as tickets go live next week.

UK EVENTAttend ffconf.org 2024

The conference for people who are passionate about the web. 8 amazing speakers with real human interaction and content you can't just read in a blog post or watch on a tiktok!

Changes to the venue

No, we're not moving from The Duke of Yorks just yet, but they will (in August) make the seats even more comfy, and bigger - but bigger means less - so this year, I'm afraid, there will be 15 people who can't come to the event (as in there are 15 less seats!).

We are seriously looking in to whether we can video record the event and there's a few logistical issues we need to overcome - but it is on our list of possible workarounds to the limit of number of people who can enjoy the event.

Until then, we will continue to capture the audio and release it for free.

Tickets and workshops

Tickets this year are £150+VAT (so £180 for those paying VAT), so if you need to provision the budget from a manager or some such, do that now because last year we sold out in 4 days and we're hoping and bracing for the same.


Some people didn't realise, but our full day workshops (at £400+VAT) includes the conference day pass - so that's two tickets for the price of one.

I'll be running a mobile development workshop, the second will be on HTML5, the trainer will be announced on Monday.

We're also running a special workshop-slash-tutorials day which I'm calling the "Tooling Tutorials Pick 'n Mix". The idea is there will be 3 trainers each teaching 2 hands on tutorials running for 90 minutes (git, testing, debugging, build processes, SASS and RequireJS). The day is carefully organised that you can attend any 4 sessions in the day (two in the morning, two in the afternoon).

The tutorials are designed to be more than just reading a blog post or watching a 40 minute talk, it goes that little bit further and gets your hands dirty and introduced to actually doing it. Note that this workshop doesn't include a conference pass. The tickets also go on sale on Monday at £220+VAT.

I'm really excited about this pick 'n mix workshop, the only disappointing thing is I won't be able to attend them all because I'll be running two of the six sessions.


Speakers are important, but the way I curate Full Frontal is there is content I want to hear about, and I then try to find the best match to that content. We also have an open call for speakers where if you're either proposing a talk I've suggested or you're passionate about your subject, your talk will be considered for the event. Note that if you've attended the event in the past, you'll notice a general lack of "library" based talks - this is on purpose and hints towards the kinds of talks I'd like to see at my event.

But you want to know who's speaking, right?! The line up (so far) will be revealed on Monday at 10am :)

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