Today the Full Frontal JavaScript conference site goes live:

It's one day JavaScript conference hosted in Brighton, UK in the World's first purpose built cinema: The Duke of York's.

I specifically wanted to provide a conference that was affordable, and not up in the reaches of £300-400, which is why the tickets are set initially at £100.


I've published 38 videos for new developers, designers, UX, UI, product owners and anyone who needs to conquer the command line today.


The idea behind the conference is that it was a long time coming. The US are having their first JavaScript dedicated conference this April, but it's primarily targeted towards abstracting the language with libraries.

I was at @media Ajax 2007 when Jeremy Keith asked during his panel whether the conference was in fact a JavaScript conference - although people didn't quite agree, I really believed the time is right to push this forward.

JavaScript is starting to be taken very seriously, which is why I wanted to gather people together for a day of discussing the topic.

So, one day, taking a break from the snow and sitting in a pub with my wife (an event organiser, no less), we decided to take it forward. Julie has been running the logistically side of the conference, and I've been busily working on the web site and speakers - all of which are available today.


The line up is pretty awesome, I'm sure you'll agree. We've got the following:

  • Jake Archibald who worked on BBC's Glow library talking about performance.
  • Christian Heilmann on a subject to be confirmed.
  • Todd Kloots, a YUI and accessibility advocate speaking about ARIA and JavaScript.
  • Peter-Paul Koch from the infinitely useful QuirksMode, on a subject to be confirmed.
  • Stuart Langridge talking about advanced JavaScript and advanced browser features.
  • Robert Nyman talking about taking JavaScript outside the traditional environment and building Firefox plugins.
  • Last but not least, Simon Willison talking about JavaScript mashups with APIs and JSONP.


The event is a one day conference taking place on Friday 20th November this year.

The Name

The direct dictionary definition of Full Frontal is: with nothing concealed or held back. This is the essence of the entire conference: to understand this language who may have had a bit of a bad reputation over the years, but has ended up winning all our hearts - and becoming the most popular programming language in the World (certainly adoption - because we've got the compiler in every single browser)!

This conference is for front end engineers and anyone wanting to understand what they can do with the language, the right way of doing things and how to tune the language to do what they want it to do.

The Site

It's probably also worth mentioning that the entire site is html5 and working in IE6 and Firefox2, so go ahead and view source and help yourselves :-)


Please help spread the word, and if this is something that gets you excited (as it does me), please go and sign up at!