Yahoo Pipes is "an interactive feed aggregator and manipulator". The service easily allows you and me to create a feed of feeds, sometimes known as 'life streams', though I like to call them: soup.

Here's a screencast showing how easy it is to create a stream of your online activity, and the JavaScript required to add the feed to your blog with a bit of sexy icon magic too boot.

Download the QuickTime screencast, 55Mb, a little over 10 minutes

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If you can't view the screencast, try DivX Web Player for Windows or the Mac.

You can also see a working demo of the soup in action (just view the source to see the JavaScript used).

The Yahoo pipes are a pretty impressive tool, but the once thing I find lacking is the ability to modify the output, in particular, I would really like to know the source of the feed when aggregating feeds. That said, if anyone know how - do let me know.

As always, let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.