You expect fancy dress parties to be like all those movies you watched when you were young: perfectly designed, quality look and quality fit.

Why is it then that when I try to find an 80s suit to go as Sonny Crockett from Miami Vice am I presented with an array of flares, lavender suits and bad material - and not a single shoulder pad in sight!


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I remember watch the Karate Kid when I was young, and the scene with the kids dressed for Halloween come out in those skeleton outfits looked pretty cool to a 7 year old kid.

So now, in my late 20s, why can't I find anything near as good? Sure, back when I was 9 a plastic bin bag and some acrylic paint (I think) did the job, but nowadays I want to look the part.

Am I missing something? Does America just have really authentic fancy dress stores, or is England shockingly bad at fancy dress, or was I simply duped when I was younger, and the movie studios designed those outfits for the film?