Geotags are the new cool thing on Flickr which really lets you see who has taken photos that are just round the corner from you, or see which photos you missed out at that latest holiday.

However, if you live in the UK, the maps are poor.

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I live in Brighton, UK - and to be fair the satellite photos from Google maps are not great, but at least they have all the streets.

Flickr have got Yahoo running their maps, but their detail is terrible :-(

The best I can manage to see is the main road running through the city.

I can hear you out there saying that surely this is because Brighton City, the Pink capital isn't that important. Well - checking out London is just the same, rail lines, main roads and zip all else.

I guess I'll just have to wait. I did when Google did maps for the US, hopefully Yahoo have the sense to provide for the Mother Country too.