Happy last Friday of December and of 2019 🎉.

This is just a short newsletter/post to say happy holidays and I hope you are having a most excellent break from work. Also to wish you a doubly extra excellent start to 2020.

As for me, I got an aeropress coffee maker thingy for Christmas, and am enjoying a nice freshly brewed cuppa during the moments I'm not drinking more gin (in line with my "Wet December" methodolgy).

The bit of code tinkering I've been doing during my break is the adventofcode.com which I've decided, against any sensible judgement, to do using jq (a JSON transform utility). It's been a really nice puzzle to work on between doing regular human and family things. If you're at all inclined to see what the code looks like you can see my progress on github (I'm currently stuck on day 9 with some kind of infinite loop that eventually segfaults!).

I've got an end of year post I'm working on for my blog, something I've done (nearly) every year so I intend to publish that on 31 Dec with a little personal round up/reminder to myself of things I've done.

Happy new year

Happy new year folks ❤️

Thanks for reading and I shall return in 2020, when all the flying cars become available.

– Remy 👋

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