A long read, but a worthwhile one - in my head their voice was definitely just shy of shouty! :)

Being a JS developer first and foremost since pre-Node days, it puts me in a funny spot that I absolutely agree with everything said in this article, whilst also considering that I pick JS on the server to suit me.

When it comes to the front-end, I'm pretty sick of the poison that's been sold to us for over a decade.

The web's war for JS libraries/etc summarised excellently with:

It’s a popularity contest. Plain and simple.

And that popularity contest can change on a dime.

10 years ago, it was AngularJS.

Today, it’s React.

Tomorrow, it will be something else because that’s inevitable.

Absolutely this - I felt exactly the same when I had peers and colleagues trying to shove Angular down my throat.

But it's the future, the kids who come to the industry and will continue it. As Jared White writes,

but all those bright-eyed eager newcomers getting churned out of code schools knowing only React?

Those jobs will be gone. 😕

Grim future.

Source: www.spicyweb.dev