I think this might be one of the first balanced or non-invested reads of what "Web3" means and Sloan's opening notes really resonate:

It’s for kids. I mean that in a good way! I think Web3 has resonated powerfully with young people because it feels like something genuinely new, and it feels like it can be theirs. Who could argue with those feelings? Not me.

The notes go on and I come away with the same general sense that I've had so far of the crowd cheering on for Web3: it's about making money. Which is fine, the world runs on capitalism for the most part, it's just not entirely for me.

And I think that's the rub, the stories I know of the creation and the spread of the web (and indeed the internet) came from those wanting to share and do good. The stories I've read were never about making money but instead creating a place for others.

I will concede that I don't tend to read the "got rich by selling X web start up" - but it's that start in the web that's what drives me, and what I love about the web. It's what I love about the Open Web.

Web Zero if you will. It was about sharing, community, learning and finding a place in the world.

Source: society.robinsloan.com