I've had this link open in my browser nearly a month after seeing Jeremy posting it. This list makes up the core ethics for working on the web. It's something I feel is worthy of re-reading every week to strengthen the message in my head.

  • There is one web
  • The web should not cause harm to society
  • The web must support healthy community and debate
  • The web is for all people
  • Security and privacy are essential
  • The web must enable freedom of expression
  • The web must make it possible for people to verify the information they see
  • The web must enhance individuals' control and power
  • The web must be an environmentally sustainable platform
  • The web is transparent
  • The web is multi-browser, multi-OS and multi-device
  • People should be able to render web content as they want

Apply these ethics and you'll build a solid and strong web, for everyone.

Source: www.w3.org