I'm off to the Future of Web Apps and following on from dConstruct, I have high expectations.

I've looked through the line up, and I'm 99% certain that I'll be spending all my time watching the developer's floor - some pretty interesting stuff (which I hope to write a few notes up later on in the week).

UK EVENTAttend ffconf.org 2024

The conference for people who are passionate about the web. 8 amazing speakers with real human interaction and content you can't just read in a blog post or watch on a tiktok!

The sessions that I'm most interested in hearing are:

  • High Performance Websites - Steve Souders (Yahoo!)
  • The Future of Firefox and JavaScript - John Resig (Mozilla Corporation)
  • Comet: Making the Web a 2-Way Medium - Joe Walker (DWR)
  • An Insight to FireEagle - Tom Coates (Yahoo!)

That said, I can say I'm keen to hear all the sessions over the two conference, and no doubt that I'll be laying my dirty little mitts on all the freebies I can get (and missing my wife those lonely days that I'm away from home)!

There's also Diggnation being filmed live on the Wednesday, which will be interesting to see - I'm not one of those that go droopy over Kevin Rose, and in honesty it'll be the first Diggnation I'll have actually seen.

Then straight after there's a shin dig (erhem - pardon the pun), which mixed with free booze, sounds like a good way to get over the mid-week hump.