Happy last Friday of January 2019!

As always, that felt fast. I hope you've had a good start to the year, and those running their own businesses have had a good and busy start.

I've been working with a new client since October last year and I've had the opportunity to get my hands into some fun technology, including GraphQL with Prisma, Next.js and even dipping my toe into TypeScript.

On the blog

I set myself the arbitrary target of blogging twice a month. That way I continue to write and publish, but depending on what I'm working on during the day, it can slow my writing or dry up the ideas.

That being said, I did scrape out all my Goodread reviews over the last two years and publish those (so at least I've got the content) - that was two posts, but it doesn't really count!

Books I read in 2018 (I also wrapped the spoilers in a useful details element).

As I mentioned, I've also dipped a toe in TypeScript and wrote up my experience of it. Being the old dog that I am, I've held back from TypeScript (as I did ES6 and React). It didn't go great, but I'm intending to return with the tips I got after publishing the blog post.

Monthly recommend

I wish I could recommend some cool book (frustratingly the last couple of books I read have been … meh), and Netflix and movies have been so-so.

So my monthly recommend is advise that I should follow: work on sleep hygiene (which frankly sounds like going to bed in a sack of mud, but it's not!).

If like many, including myself, January was supposed to shed some of the mince-pies and chocolate consumed during December, then sleep is a massive part of that process.

One thing that really helped me in the past was to get up very shortly after I woke up (or even right away). As much as I love lazy around in bed, the dopy sensation can quickly become quicksand-like.

Onward into February and "the short month" ✊

– Remy 👋