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In the middle with <center>

I posted a tweet recently that confused some people. They might have thought I was trolling or being sarcastic! The <center> tag is awesome. Why have I been avoiding it all these years? Seriously. It is. But I feel like I may have to defend my opinion on this one!

Automatic permalinks for blog posts

There’s been so many times that I’ve wished I could quickly link to a specific headline in an article, but there’s no id attributes on the tag…so I can’t. But then there’s nothing I can do to fix it, because it actually requires the blog author to overhaul their site to add ids to all […]

The ‘what time did my son wake up?’ project

My 2 1/2 year old son wakes up before us during the spring and summer. He turns his light on fully, and plays until he’s bored, then calls for us to join us in bed in the morning. The problem was: exactly when was he waking, because it would affect how tired he was in […]

CommonJS modules with live edit in devtools

As you might know, I’m a big fan of Chrome devtools’ live edit and workspaces (video playlist), and it’s this workflow that’s kept me away from Browserify. So I went about creating an experiment that allowed me to use CommonJS modules in development and that allowed me to edit and save directly in devtools without […]

Where is that console.log?

Did you ever have phantom console.log – or more specifically you’ve no idea where it was happening? I have. This tiny bit of code will help you identify where the logging is being called from. The nice thing is it works in the browser and in node.

Feature based development

Recently we changed the way we were working on JS Bin. Instead of pushing new features whenever it took my fancy – which could result in success or equally some kind of breakage – we’re now pushing new features under feature flags and it’s proving to be really quite powerful (and fun).

Using watches in my devtools workflow

I’ve recently found that I’m able to optimise my workflow inside of devtools using “Watch Expressions” which I’ve found (for me) is often left untouched.