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Where is that console.log?

Did you ever have phantom console.log – or more specifically you’ve no idea where it was happening? I have. This tiny bit of code will help you identify where the logging is being called from. The nice thing is it works in the browser and in node.

Creating popups without HTML files

I’ll start this post by saying: I very very rarely ever need a popup window, and in fact usually just include an inline overlay. But sometimes the situation comes up when I need a popup – this was one of those times. One thing that always bugged me about dynamic popup windows when compared to [...]

A Public MIT License Resource

Pretty much every personal project I work on I try to make it publicly available – usually under an MIT license – but I pretty much always forget to include an MIT license file. There’s an Open Source Initiative with the license, but it doesn’t have the date, nor the license holder. So I’ve released [...]

Google Assistive Technology Detection

We all know Google engineers are working away a stuff that’s so amazing they have to wait a couple of years before releasing it otherwise it’ll blow our minds up (Gmail, maps, etc). That said, they’ve released functionality tucked away inside the search results page that I never knew existed. Full accessibility support.

JS Bin for Collaborative JavaScript Debugging

The weekend before last (28-Sep 2008) I blitzed through an idea I had on the shelf for about 6 months and put it live under the name JS Bin.

Query String to Object via regex

Just sharing a nice little code snippet that makes use of regular expressions instead of loops for converting.

Pronounceablely Random

If you work in a secure(ish) environment then you’ll be changing passwords on a regular basis. An old colleague and I came up with a script that would generate a password based on fictional words from a dictionary lookup. Then we/he realised that this could actually be generated on the fly, be completely random and [...]