Full Frontal T-shirts in Tia’s name

Full Frontal 2010 ran last Friday and (as I secretly hoped) was a huge success. As with last year, we had a good number of people asking how they could get one of the Full Frontal t-shirts (as sported by yours truly). And this year we’re giving the opportunity to get your hands on one, and 100% of proceeds will go to charity.

Remy sporting Full Frontal t-shirtOn August 31st 2010, Julie and I lost our baby Tia and our world was turned upside down. We’re far from “over it”, so Full Frontal was a huge step for us, one that we had planned to be very different. Running the conference with Tia as a newborn baby was going to be one thing – but running it without her was something completely different.

When we realised people wanted t-shirts, we twigged that we could auction the t-shirts off and raise money in Tia’s name at the same time. So 100% of the proceeds will go to SANDS, a UK charity who both support parents in a similar situation to us but also promote research to reduce the loss of baby’s lives.

The listings end on Tuesday 23rd November around 5:30pm (UK time), and we’re posting to both the UK, Europe and the US – so please do get involved with the auction and help raise some money for a good cause.

The complete listing with current bids can be found here:


And individual listings are here:

Note that we’ve not placed the order for the t-shirts, so you’ll be able to specific the sex and size of the t-shirt so that it fits just for you.

Good luck.

5 Responses to “Full Frontal T-shirts in Tia’s name”

  1. Instead of suffering the hassle of having stuff shipped to a temporary address in .de, I just donated £50 directly to SANDS instead.

    Hopefully others not living in UK will also do this (or will bid on the t-shirts on eBay).

  2. @Morgan – you’re a gent, thank you.

  3. I’ll be bidding on one of these, so sorry about your lost, did you find out what happened?

  4. @Amber – we did, and didn’t. We’ve had our consultant’s appointment where they give you the reports of blood tests (Julie) and swabs (Tia) – everything came back negative for infections, abnormalities, and so on. Basically mum and baby were completely healthy, and it’s “just one of those things”.

    Obviously, something went wrong, but it’s beyond today’s medical science. We just have to accept the unacceptable: that Tia wasn’t supposed to make it. Easier said than done, but we’re doing it one day at a time.

  5. @Remy – first I have to say how sorry I am about what happened, I had no idea when I was at the conference. Have 2 wonderful boys on my own, and the thought of something happening to them is just not bearable.
    My parents were in the same situation 32 years ago. I am the result, or replacement if you will, of that lost child. I don’t know if this will help you guys in any way, but knowing this definitely widened my perspective of life.

    All the best

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