Updated jQuery Talk

I was asked to share my knowledge at SkillSwap which was great evening (it’s certainly encouraged me out of my little box and head to future events) (thanks also to John).

The slides were updated for SkillSwap, and then also for the ThoughtWorks talk I gave, and in addition, I’ve recorded screencasts for each of the demos.


PDF download


The screencast runs all as one, and runs for 15 minutes. They’re branded as jQuery for Designers, but it was so they still had the Creative Commons license on them.

QuickTime screencast of jQuery examples (alternative flash version)

Live Examples

I’ve also included all the code for the examples:

5 Responses to “Updated jQuery Talk”

  1. Link to QuickTime broken – safari and firefox download managers replyes that file size equal zero.

  2. @Alexander – the original post did have a wrong link for the quick time, but it’s definitely working now. Can you double check.

  3. Download work fine, thanks.
    Awesome video. jQuery power and beauty showed well.

    Why don’t you write textmate snippet for



  4. Re: snippet. I did try it before, but $ as a trigger doesn’t work because sometimes it’ll be a selector. It could be $(carat), but that’s not saving any characters because the tab press could have been the bracket, which is automatically matched.

    Then why not have $(function () {}) – because it’s actually a ‘ready’ function, so the trigger could/should be ready[tab] – but they don’t link so well in my head :-|

    Plus, I type fast enough ;-)

  5. Huh, I type fast enough too, but searching of the right bracet to put “;” after it irritate me.
    So I use snippet ready[tab] from jquery textmate bundle. It produces:

    $(document).ready(function () {

    I prefer to use full function names instead of shortcuts cause full names better for code reading and code-reviewing.

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