How to get cookies working in IE6 stand alone

IE is the biggest player in the browser land, and as much as I hate to do so, I have to test everything in IE. Now since IE7 is picking up ground, testing is done in both IE6 and IE7.

So, I upgraded to IE7, and downloaded and use a stand alone version IE6. The problem was cookies don’t work in IE6 as a stand alone.

Here’s the fix.

After a reasonable amount of hunting around Google, I came across an article on Position Is Everything explaining how to enable cookies in IE6, how to identify IE4, 5, 6 and 7 in the title bar, and importantly, how to enable conditional comments (i.e. if you’re using CC for browser fixes).

Here’s the full article on fixing stand alone IE.

In summary – to get the cookies working in IE stand alone:

  1. Download Wininet.dll (version 5.0.2614.3400)
  2. Drop it in to the stand alone IE directory

That’s it, restart the stand alone browser, and cookies should work again.

All credit to Manfred Staudinger who wrote the ‘Taming Your Multiple IE Standalones‘ article.

13 Responses to “How to get cookies working in IE6 stand alone”

  1. Great tip..

    found you through google and saved me reading the full article..

    cookies now working :-)

  2. Thank You!

    This also got my ajax to work in ie6 standalone i think because of the native zmlhttp support in ie7.

  3. Has anyone tried this on a Windows Server 2003 machine? Still no cookies for me. Confirmed Wininet v5.0.2614.3400 is in the same folder as iexplore.exe (C:\Program Files\MultipleIEs\IE6). Also confirmed the .dll was in use because the file is locked while IE6 running.

  4. It doesn’t work on most of my IE6 applications. :(

  5. Has anyone else tried the Firefox add-on” IE tab”? It will allow you to open a tab in FF using the IE rendering engine. You can point it to run the iexplore.exe in your IE 6 standalone directory. This seems to work for me so far.

  6. A big thanks for providing this no frills explanation. IE6 stand alone working fine for me. Saves me boatloads of development time!

  7. Thank you, worked like a charm – saved me a lot of time!

  8. It doesn’t work for my MultipleIEs installation. Actually, this dll already presences there.

  9. Thanks a lot!

    I spent several hours trying to find out why my page throws an exception only in IE6 standalone. This article was very useful to me!


  10. thanks a lot… i need ie6 standalone to check css compatibilities on facebook apps.. really saves me :D

  11. Even all this time later this still works like a charm. Many thanks.

  12. do you have any idea how to get cookies working on ie6 running with wine in linux?

  13. a total hook-up. thanks for keeping this around.

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