Apple Delays OSX Leopard

Apple has issued a statement saying that Leopard will now be delayed until October this year due to developers being “borrowed” from the OS X team for the development of the iPhone.


Apple announced the news on their web site yesterday but don’t provide a link for the statement, which explains why I didn’t catch it on their RSS feeds.

At first I thought this was a bit sneaky, but you can understand they’re probably embarrassed about the news, but then – it’s sneaky, in a kind of cheeky way for a small time company to slip the news in. It’s not really on that a big time company like Apple to sneak it in.

Time to swallow some pride

I was looking forward to Leopard’s release, as were many of my mac buddies. I’ve been involved in conversations suggesting delaying the purchasing of hardware for the June release of OS X.

It’s always been fun to rub it in to the Windows users over the constant stream of late Microsoft releases.

This time though: Vista delivered on time this year while Apple was poking fun.

I guess it was only a matter of time until something slipped.

iPhone or Leopard?

Apple’s move away from ‘Apple Computer’ has had some criticising their focus, and this announcement only drawing weight to their concerns.

Apple is a great company, and for them to expand sensibly in to other sectors, dropping ‘Computer’ from their name makes sense and clearly doesn’t affect their focus.

If the iPhone delivers what it promises, it will change the way people (want to) use their phones.

So, on one hand, as a mac fanboy, I’m pretty miffed that Leopard will be delayed (and by default I assume iLife will also be delayed). On the other hand, as an individual that works with deadline and software (though nowhere near as big) – I think Apple are making the right move to delay Leopard.

Europe gets a double?

Does this mean that since the iPhone is to ship on time, and the iPhone in Europe was due to ship around Q4, we’ll have Leopard and the iPhone at the same time? Damn, I’m going to have to take out a loan!

I’ll take late over crap any day

So long as they don’t keep slipping the shipping date, and they’re still dedicated to releasing a quality stable product, I’m happy to wait, and I think the mac community will agree. It’s the reason I use a Mac over a PC – I prefer to know it’s going to work.

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5 Responses to “Apple Delays OSX Leopard”

  1. Please, never say that Vista delivered “on time”. That came nearly four years after the first promised delivery, and had many, many things cut to make it here in 2006.

    What, in particular, were you looking forward to about Leopard? (I’ve only had a Mac for six months, so I’m still learning 10.4…)

  2. Thanks for the correction – I’ve been out of Windows land for a while now, I didn’t know that about Vista (though I could have guessed!).

    There’s obviously the other smaller additions that make productivity better, but these are the highlights I’m looking forward to:

    - Mail

    Not for the stationary, Outlook has had that for years, and I’ve never used it.

    I’m really keen to get my hands on the notes, task and RSS integration. I use Safari for my RSS feeds, but recently it’s become overbearing and I’ve just started using Newsfire – but I really want is to manage it all it in Mail.

    - Spaces

    I usually have more than my fair share of apps open, so I’m welcoming this with open arms.

    VirtueDesktops does most of this (though it’s ended it’s production), but the bit that bring the bells and whistles for me, it the ability to take a birds eye view, and rearrange the windows – in particular, drag an app from one to another.

    - Resolution independence

    Though this is rumoured, there’s been lots of talk about it, and I’m really interested in the idea of being able to zoom any part of my desktop. I use the normal zoom feature inside 10.4 – but resolution independence looks like a really big step.

    By the way, if you’re learning OS X – I’ve got a daily Mac tip running on Twitter: Basically one liners, once a working day.

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  4. [...] However, between starting the post and now, Dashcode has expired! I’m hoping that Apple will re-release it since the expiry made sense when Leopard was coming out in July, but not now that it has been delayed. [...]

  5. [...] did have Dashcode available for download, but since it expired in July (when Leopard was supposed to come out) it’s no longer there. You can hunt around the Internet for a old mirror if you don’t [...]

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