Gravatar – bit of a bad start

I came across Gravatar about a year ago and signed up – since it was free and the blog I was commenting on support it. Nice idea.

Today I logged in and decided for 10 of your US bucks, I could add extra email addresses (which was something I wanted to do). $10 a year. That’s not much, so I paid up.

Unfortunately, that’s when it all went wrong.

Really all I wanted to do was use a different email address. I could have signed up again, but I felt it was a good enough idea (by the chap who runs Gravatar), that I should cough up the cash.

Sadly, when ever I tried to add my extra email address I would get an ‘application error’ from Ruby (nice to see a Ruby app though).

When I tried to upload a different photo it would simply hang and timeout (perhaps it was a pre-emptive blocking of my mug!). I did manage to add a new picture by uploading to my own servers and pointing to it like that – but none the less…

The cropping tool was very nice – and it was nice to see it was just via JavaScript.

Ultimately though, I had just paid for the service, I thought I could submit the bug. Oh no.

The help wasn’t implemented. There wasn’t a contact form. I checked the blog – but there didn’t seem to be any way to add any comments, and when I visited the developer’s home page it was “dead” (up, but retired) and the site it redirected me to was down.

Not a great start.

All that said, I still think it’s a great idea and I am planning to implement it in to this blog, and some of my other projects when I get the chance.

3 Responses to “Gravatar – bit of a bad start”

  1. Update: I actually can post comments on the Gravatar blog, I must have skimmed over the one that allowed it – so I’ve posted up the error.

    Wonder if they’ll fix it…

  2. Evidently not, I get the error still and it’s been 2 months. Too bad, it was a great idea. Wish they’d fix it…

    Are you using a Mac by any chance?

  3. @Liane – it did eventually work for me, but only after going back a week later, and I’m sure nothing was changed.

    I’ve just headed over to their site this evening only to be greeted by a 500 internal server error on the login page – so it looks like they’re down again (though before I could log in).

    The only positive I can offer, is it appears that the Gravatar image still works – I’m using them in my blog.

    From what I read, I thought Gravatar was a one band show – which, if it is, I guess they should deserve some slack, but they really need to pull their socks up if they want to charge for a service that isn’t reliable.

    Oh – and yep – I’m using a Mac and I was using a Mac when it failed and worked (which was nice to see the cropping tool work in Safari).

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