The Delicate Apple

It’s a sad day in the Sharp / Mac camp today. Julie has been driving me to the station each morning since we moved (I’ll post about that when I’ve got the Internet back) – but this morning she had a day off, and rightly I would be walking to the station.

After doing my morning routine, I realised that all our clocks in the flat were out by about 3-4 minutes jeopardising my train catching.

So, out the door I went and down the hill I ran…and Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

I slipped over about 30 seconds in to my running down the hill.

I don’t know whether it’s because I snowboard or what, but as I started to fall I twisted to land on my back, keeping my hands and feet up and allowed my body to slide a a little so soften the blow.

Some 3 hours later and I’m feeling my ribs hurt a bit, but that’s not the worst of it.

I arrived at work, and peeled open my bag. Slipped out the laptop, and here’s what I saw (note that I did not photoshop these!:

Apple Dent

Apple Long Splat

Apple Close Splat

The next step is insurance, but when Julie ordered our insurance, explicitly stating that we need cover for a £2000 laptop, The AA seemed miss it.

She was disputing it with them yesterday (or a few days ago) and they were pulling up the phone logs. Now we’re chasing them hard to fix their mistake and get a new laptop.

Damn, if I wasn’t so shocked about it all, I’d actually be quite upset!

  • http://whenigetsometime Chris

    Dude…bummer. Next time, I say you take the full blow of the fall and think of your Mac first. You’ll heal in time, but the Mac won’t :(

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  • Yowzer

    That officially sucks. I broke my PowerBook a few years back and had to sell it on eBay for a $2000 USD loss :(

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  • hmdrummer

    ouccchhhh man hurts to look at

  • Dan

    Duude, I am so sorry :( Losing a mac is definitely a blow to ones heart. Keep the site updated on the insurance stuff. Best of luck!

  • Iam8up

    Hmm. If only you had gotten a Thinkpad with a titanium LCD case like both of mine.

    You can literally bend the entire screen at an alarming angle and it still not break. I had a Thinkpad guy upgrade my motherboard (yes, he came to the laptop) and show me this. Very impressive, I though =)

  • Fer

    dude, so so so so so sorry bout that. if that happened to mine i´d jump off a cliff wthout hesitation

    wish u luck

  • Rico

    Man, I feel with you. Go and buy a Crumpler Bag. These things even swim :-)

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