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The Future of JavaScript Libraries

Libraries have been a huge contributor to the surge in popularity of JavaScript in the last few years. JavaScript developers have had the cumbersome tasks lifted and have been able to get back to business in developing interesting solutions to interesting problems. I’ve been thinking about the next steps for JavaScript libraries, and I really […]

jQuery *really* :visible

On a project I worked with Paul Irish on recently we found that we needed to asset whether an element was visible, but the :visible selector doesn’t always do the job.

The Silky Smooth Marquee

As we abused the Internet back in the 90 with tags like <blink> and <marquee> the last 10 years have seen the gradual extinction of these proprietary tags until we did full circle and the marquee effect appears in CSS 3. There’s actually a very strong business case and requirement for the marquee tag – […]

Updated jQuery Talk

I was asked to share my knowledge at SkillSwap which was great evening (it’s certainly encouraged me out of my little box and head to future events) (thanks also to John). The slides were updated for SkillSwap, and then also for the ThoughtWorks talk I gave, and in addition, I’ve recorded screencasts for each of […]

jQuery API Update: offline and anywhere

I’ve been beavering away at the API behind the scenes for a little while, and if you follow me on Twitter you’ve probably already seen the API browser has already been upgraded. The key change I’ve made is to de-couple the API search engine from the front end. What this has resulted in, is a […]

maxlength plugin

It’s a fairly common design pattern to want to limit the number of characters the user can input in a field whilst giving feedback to the user on how much they have left. So I’ve built a little jQuery plugin to do the work for me.

One for the Designers

This one is just for the designers and developer who have the painful task of skinning existing widgets to make them integrate tightly with their applications (or more likely: their employer’s app): ThemeRoller.