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I know jQuery. Now what?

I gave this talk: I know jQuery. What now? at jQuery UK 2013 (video of the talk), but instead of my usual approach of post-it explosion on my desk, I wrote a post first, and created the slides from the post. So here is my (fairly unedited) quasi-ramble on how I used jQuery, and how [...]

Throttling function calls

If you’ve written any kind of validation on user input, like onkeypress then you’ll know that sometimes you want to throttle the amount of times your function runs. A good example of this is Ajax based username validation – you don’t want to hit the server on every key press, because most users will be [...]

Signs of a poorly written jQuery plugin

So far with every single workshop I’ve given, both for advanced JavaScript and jQuery for Designers, this question (or some variation thereof) has come up: How do you know if the plugin is good to use? It’s always dependant on the problem they’re trying to solve, but in lieu of a better jQuery plugin ranking [...]

dConstruct 2009 & Barcamp Brighton 4

This last week has been a huge social/talky/knowledge festival for me. It comprised of dConstruct 2009 and my first attendance at any barcamp: Barcamp Brighton 4.

New Projects, more writing & more speaking

I wanted to let you know, my dear reader, what I’ve been up to lately, but more over that I’m going to start cross posting my other articles to this blog.

jQuery multibinding events

Sometimes I find myself using the same event handler for more than one event on an element. Typically I just put the function in the global name space (or perhaps privately within the scope of the ready function depending on how the mood takes me), and then I’ll refer to the function twice. But this [...]

Element ‘in view’ Event Plugin

I’ve been preparing a few articles for jQuery for Designers and for .net magazine and in doing so I’ve had to write a plugin that could prove to be useful to share. I’ve created an event that will trigger when the element is scrolled in to the viewport.