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In the middle with <center>

I posted a tweet recently that confused some people. They might have thought I was trolling or being sarcastic! The <center> tag is awesome. Why have I been avoiding it all these years? Seriously. It is. But I feel like I may have to defend my opinion on this one!

Is HTML5 Ready?

Back on 20-July 2009 I launch (quickly and from a local café) in response to, except some point along the line, I let the domain lapse (as did – but instead of it vanishing, someone else bought the domain, and added some Amazon links (and not even to mine & Bruce’s book, […]

I know jQuery. Now what?

I gave this talk: I know jQuery. What now? at jQuery UK 2013 ((, but instead of my usual approach of post-it explosion on my desk, I wrote a post first, and created the slides from the post. So here is my (fairly unedited) quasi-ramble on how I used jQuery, and how I’m looking at […]

CORS isn’t just for XHR

Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) is what allows XHR (i.e. Ajax) requests to go cross domain. It’s a simple header response to the XHR request that says “yes, you can complete your request”, looking like this (if we allowed any client to place an XHR request against our service): Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * Should you be adding […]

Broken Offline Support

The state of offline detection in desktop browsers is broken and it needs to fixed or at least get better, but I can’t see this happening unless we push against the browser vendors to fix this. Currently, as of April 2011, offline and online events are broken, as is the navigator.onLine property. The only exception […]

Simple Offline Application

I’ve written my fair share of single file applications. All the JavaScript and CSS are inline, and if I’m feeling particularly ninja, I’ll base64 encode the images, and make them inline too. To make the whole thing completely available offline is insanely easy, and reusable to boot.

Creative HTML5 and JavaScript workshop by @seb_ly

This week I had the pleasure of attending Seb Lee-Delisle’s Creative HTML5 and JavaScript workshop and even as someone who classes themselves as an expert JavaScripter (I hope!), I still learnt tons.