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My Workflow: Never having to leave DevTools

At this time of year (Christmas) there’s a lot of tip-like articles that emerge, so I wanted to share what I felt like was the single greatest technical win I have come across in the last few months: using Chrome DevTools for full web dev workflow – so I recorded a quick 4 minute screencast [...]

Stop treating Ajax as something special

Everyone wants slick applications that use Ajax to reduce page loads and make it feel, well, more application-ny. Of course this is all done in a progressively enhanced way, so the page works just as well without JavaScript. The problem is, that sometimes, there’s an overhead of the extra work to support the Ajax responders. [...]

Complete Posts in WordPress Feeds

If you use WordPress and make use of the <!– more –> tag, some of you may want to still show the complete post in the RSS feed. You have to change some code, but it’s easy to do.

The Hack Stops Here

In my view there are two types of hacks: Solutions that solve a problem that can’t be solved any other way (i.e. due to a limitation within a browser). Solutions to business created problems. Hacks for the first type are acceptable. They go where no other code can go, and are a requirement. As such [...]

Let’s get Dashcode working again

Update: why is it you always find the solution after you post a work around? Anyway, you can patch both Intel and PPC based Dashcode apps using the information found at Dashcode has expired on time, but Leopard wasn’t delivered on time, and now we’re left for at least 3 more months without this [...]

How to get cookies working in IE6 stand alone

IE is the biggest player in the browser land, and as much as I hate to do so, I have to test everything in IE. Now since IE7 is picking up ground, testing is done in both IE6 and IE7. So, I upgraded to IE7, and downloaded and use a stand alone version IE6. The [...]