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Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (4/5*)

I hadn’t seen Borat before, but I knew of him. I saw Ali G Indahouse and hadn’t seen the TV show and loved it (it’s a great hang over film). Borat is sent away to report back to Kazakhstan about the greatest country in the World: USA. Somewhere along the way he loses his heart […]

The Last Kiss (3/5*)

Finally, they’ve made a film about that grey area. The Last Kiss is a film staring Zack Braff (Scrubs and Garden State) in his late 20s with a pregnant girlfriend, finding himself starring down the rest of his uninspiring life and wondering whether there will be any more surprises. His friends each have their own […]

Little Miss Sunshine (4/5*)

Little Miss Sunshine is essentially a road trip movie about a dysfunctional family. I say dysfunctional, I actually thought Greg Kinnear’s character was a step father. It’s an observational comedy with an eclectic cast, including Steve Carell of 40 Year Old Virgin fame.

Children of Men (5/5*)

What can I say? It’s the first film I can remember crying to in a very long time. Children of Men opens in London, 2027, and the World has come to a time where all women are infertile. Science can’t explain it and 18 years without children, all hope has been lost. Set against London […]