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My Workflow: Never having to leave DevTools

At this time of year (Christmas) there’s a lot of tip-like articles that emerge, so I wanted to share what I felt like was the single greatest technical win I have come across in the last few months: using Chrome DevTools for full web dev workflow – so I recorded a quick 4 minute screencast […]

Why Firebug sucks more than IE6

Updated because I got tired of the crap I was getting for venting.

Defining The Vomit Bug

The more I test HTML 5 and the more I play around in the DOM, the more I find odd situations that will trigger particular bugs. The one result I’m seeing is what I’m now referring to as a vomit bug.

Detect Global Variables

I’ve got a handy little bookmarklet that I use to check whether any variables have slipped out in the to global namespace (i.e. on to the window object). Globals Note that all global variables (including functions) that have been added by your page, will be written to via console.log. The bookmarklet will also prompt to […]