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Where is that console.log?

Did you ever have phantom console.log – or more specifically you’ve no idea where it was happening? I have. This tiny bit of code will help you identify where the logging is being called from. The nice thing is it works in the browser and in node.

My Workflow: Never having to leave DevTools

At this time of year (Christmas) there’s a lot of tip-like articles that emerge, so I wanted to share what I felt like was the single greatest technical win I have come across in the last few months: using Chrome DevTools for full web dev workflow – so I recorded a quick 4 minute screencast […]

Why Firebug sucks more than IE6

Updated because I got tired of the crap I was getting for venting.

Defining The Vomit Bug

The more I test HTML 5 and the more I play around in the DOM, the more I find odd situations that will trigger particular bugs. The one result I’m seeing is what I’m now referring to as a vomit bug.

Firebug 1.0 beta

Firebug 1.0 beta for Firefox was released this month, and oh my, the Swiss Army knife of the browsers just got wings – and there’s even support (via a Firebug Lite) for IE, Safari and Opera.