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Apple Delays OSX Leopard

Apple has issued a statement saying that Leopard will now be delayed until October this year due to developers being “borrowed” from the OS X team for the development of the iPhone.

Something coming from Apple right now?

I was just browsing the Apple store when suddenly I got kicked out – “they’re busy updating and come back soon”. New products coming?!…iLife ’07? iPhone…we’ll see…

The Delicate Apple

It’s a sad day in the Sharp / Mac camp today. Julie has been driving me to the station each morning since we moved (I’ll post about that when I’ve got the Internet back) – but this morning she had a day off, and rightly I would be walking to the station. After doing my [...]

Daily Essential Mac Apps

Every I know has compiled a list of some sort, top 10 films, top 10 girlfriends, top 10 top 10s. Here’s my top 10. The Mac apps that are absolute essentials to the daily running of my Mac a little review of each app. To offer some context, I’m a web programmer dabbling in some [...]

How to save a Mac hard drive from dying

Recently Apple brought out the latest update to iTunes – with the promise of cool features: cover flow, gapless playback and other bits and bobs. Some users have reported bugs in the new version (I even spotted one†), but little did Andrew, an old school friend, realise that the biggest feature he would benefit from [...]