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Time doesn’t heal

My wife and I lost our daughter at full term in the last throes of labour to stillbirth. It was the darkest time of my life. Over the coming months we’d hear the phrase “time heals”. It doesn’t. How would it? We lost our daughter. She’ll be 4 this year. I still miss her. My [...]

On Chrome hiding URLs to protect users from phishing

Jake and Jeremy have posted about how chrome is experimenting with a way to protect users from phishing. Jake is pro the approach, Jeremy against. Read their posts: Jake’s and Jeremy’s.

nodemon 1.0

For the past few months I’ve been working on a re-factor of nodemon. The two main drivers were to make the code base easier to maintain and to make nodemon more extendible. Nodemon is a command line utility to detect file changes and restart your application. Typically node apps, but it can restart any kind [...]

What is codecasting?

Codecasting is the process of recording your coding session, and casting it out to any number of participants, generally in real-time. JS Bin supports codecasting out of the box, for free, to both registered and anonymous users. Just share your bin’s url with /watch instead of /edit.

A self destructive web

I’m finding myself more and more nowadays interested in content that self destructs, or rather: expires after time and will no longer exist. This post is more me dropping my thoughts on a page rather than having fully explored the idea (yet). Please note this post is also unedited (which I may use to my [...]

A Side View: front end dev conference

As the curator of Full Frontal I’m extremely proud of our event and it’s content, and this year we sold out in 11 minutes. That was good and bad. The bad being that lots of people missed out. So I’m running a side event called: Side View on Saturday 9th November in Brighton, UK. It’s [...]

JS Bin’s 5th birthday & news

28th September marks jsbin 5th birthday. jsbin was launched back in 2008 and has been a dear project close to my heart. So in celebration, I’m going to run a fun competition and announce some important news here today.