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Vendor Prefixes – about to go south

We do like vendor prefixes. They give us access to bleeding edge CSS properties, and make our sites look cool. But there’s a serious problem: non-webkit vendors are giving serious consideration to implementing the -webkit prefix to a number of CSS properties. This is bat shit crazy, but where the web has arrived to. This [...]

Broken Offline Support

The state of offline detection in desktop browsers is broken and it needs to fixed or at least get better, but I can’t see this happening unless we push against the browser vendors to fix this. Currently, as of April 2011, offline and online events are broken, as is the navigator.onLine property. The only exception [...]

Fancy Dress?

You expect fancy dress parties to be like all those movies you watched when you were young: perfectly designed, quality look and quality fit. Why is it then that when I try to find an 80s suit to go as Sonny Crockett from Miami Vice am I presented with an array of flares, lavender suits [...]

When’s a static IP not a static IP? When it’s with Plusnet

When we moved back from Canada I went through the usual job of checking out all the best ISPs. There was also a couple of prerequisites: At least a 1mb connection. Static IP. Good reputation with customer services. Finally through reading around the Net and general recommendations from colleagues, I settled on Plusnet‘s £22.99 per [...]