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Hack failing: cheat

It’s January and it’s likely you’ve got a New Year’s resolution burning away. Forming new habits takes 66 days. Whether it’s a diet change, lifestyle change, starting a podcast, diary, blog, photo journal or some other goal. 66 days is a long time to do something that is different from your normal routine. So the [...]

My 2013

As I’ve said before, this post is entirely for me to be able to look back at my year and remember what the highlights were (and this year is a very me-me-me post!). Equally, I’m honoured that you’re reading this and I hope you make it to the end (though I appologise in advance for [...]

A self destructive web

I’m finding myself more and more nowadays interested in content that self destructs, or rather: expires after time and will no longer exist. This post is more me dropping my thoughts on a page rather than having fully explored the idea (yet). Please note this post is also unedited (which I may use to my [...]

JS Bin’s 5th birthday & news

28th September marks jsbin 5th birthday. jsbin was launched back in 2008 and has been a dear project close to my heart. So in celebration, I’m going to run a fun competition and announce some important news here today.

My 2012

This will be my 5th year review post – so I’m definitely in my tradition shoes now. At the end of each year, I round up what I’ve been up to personally and professionally and try to set my sights on the upcoming year. This post is primarily for me so I can look back [...]

My 2011

It’s now a bit of a tradition with a year end blog post (almost entirely so I can look back and actually remember myself!), so today I post my summary of 2011 and what’s happened for me both in my work and personally. In short, this year has still been hard after losing Tia in [...]

I like Instagram, but it’s not as open as I’d like it to be

So here’s how I got around that, and how I’m using Instagram today. I always held off installing Instagram because I felt it was another black hole to post my pictures to and friends and family viewing my pictures used Flickr. When I visited Portland earlier in 2011, Petra showed me indeed it could automatically [...]