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Casino Royale (5/5*)

After a number of years away from our screens Bond returns in the incarnation of the blonde bad ass: Daniel Criag (who was equally superb in Layer Cake). This film sees Bond in his early days getting his double-oh license and playing high stakes poker against the financiers of terrorists.

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (4/5*)

I hadn’t seen Borat before, but I knew of him. I saw Ali G Indahouse and hadn’t seen the TV show and loved it (it’s a great hang over film). Borat is sent away to report back to Kazakhstan about the greatest country in the World: USA. Somewhere along the way he loses his heart [...]

The Last Kiss (3/5*)

Finally, they’ve made a film about that grey area. The Last Kiss is a film staring Zack Braff (Scrubs and Garden State) in his late 20s with a pregnant girlfriend, finding himself starring down the rest of his uninspiring life and wondering whether there will be any more surprises. His friends each have their own [...]

Little Miss Sunshine (4/5*)

Little Miss Sunshine is essentially a road trip movie about a dysfunctional family. I say dysfunctional, I actually thought Greg Kinnear’s character was a step father. It’s an observational comedy with an eclectic cast, including Steve Carell of 40 Year Old Virgin fame.

Children of Men (5/5*)

What can I say? It’s the first film I can remember crying to in a very long time. Children of Men opens in London, 2027, and the World has come to a time where all women are infertile. Science can’t explain it and 18 years without children, all hope has been lost. Set against London [...]

The Black Dahlia (4/5*)

Brian De Palma directs another American period film that flows with lush sets, and equally lush actors. If you enjoyed LA Confidential, then you’ll probably enjoy this film (but that may have a lot to do with James Ellroy having written both films).

Adrift (2/5*)

Adrift is about 4 young friends who, after 5 years apart, meet up for a birthday cruise on a big ass yacht. Amy is our protagonist, who is no longer with handsome Dan and aside from carrying a new born child, also carries a horror story from her past rendering her useless around water…makes you [...]