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Signs of a poorly written jQuery plugin

So far with every single workshop I’ve given, both for advanced JavaScript and jQuery for Designers, this question (or some variation thereof) has come up: How do you know if the plugin is good to use? It’s always dependant on the problem they’re trying to solve, but in lieu of a better jQuery plugin ranking [...]

New Projects, more writing & more speaking

I wanted to let you know, my dear reader, what I’ve been up to lately, but more over that I’m going to start cross posting my other articles to this blog.

jQuery multibinding events

Sometimes I find myself using the same event handler for more than one event on an element. Typically I just put the function in the global name space (or perhaps privately within the scope of the ready function depending on how the mood takes me), and then I’ll refer to the function twice. But this [...]

The Silky Smooth Marquee

As we abused the Internet back in the 90 with tags like <blink> and <marquee> the last 10 years have seen the gradual extinction of these proprietary tags until we did full circle and the marquee effect appears in CSS 3. There’s actually a very strong business case and requirement for the marquee tag – [...]

Updated jQuery Talk

I was asked to share my knowledge at SkillSwap which was great evening (it’s certainly encouraged me out of my little box and head to future events) (thanks also to John). The slides were updated for SkillSwap, and then also for the ThoughtWorks talk I gave, and in addition, I’ve recorded screencasts for each of [...]

The DOM Scripting Toolkit: jQuery

Last Friday I did my first bit of public speaking. I presented jQuery at QCon. John asked me a couple of months ago, so I pushed the fear aside to give room for the flattery and agreed.

Upgraded jQuery Tag Suggestions

After lots of great feedback, I’ve upgraded the jQuery Tag Suggest Plugin. This post covers the fixes and upgrades.