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Feature based development

Recently we changed the way we were working on JS Bin. Instead of pushing new features whenever it took my fancy – which could result in success or equally some kind of breakage – we’re now pushing new features under feature flags and it’s proving to be really quite powerful (and fun).

Using watches in my devtools workflow

I’ve recently found that I’m able to optimise my workflow inside of devtools using “Watch Expressions” which I’ve found (for me) is often left untouched.

How I fixed an anonymous infinite loop in jsbin

If you’re a frequent user of jsbin, you might have noticed that on the odd occasion that it was unreachable. I’ve got alarms in place that notify me of problems, but the root cause was unknown to me. The result looked like an infinite loop, but how to find that code was a mission.

My terminal setup

In my workflow v3 screencast last week I gave a flash of my terminal, and (as I did when I saw it first), many people asked me about my set up. TL;DR: it’s zsh with a customised version of agnoster running with iTerm 2.

Configuring wifi for your Raspberry Pi using your Mac

This walkthrough assumes a pretty simple set up – and in my case I just grabbed a “latest wheezy SD card” off Amazon. I booted once with an ethernet connection so I could do the initial Raspi-config steps. Caveat: backup your files! Next I powered down, plugged in the wifi usb dongle – but then [...]

My Workflow v2: Mobile, DevTools & LiveReload

Since I’m sat at Mobilism 2013 I think it’s worth sharing my recent mobile (mainly CSS) workflow. It’s not rocket science, but it’s a nice follow on from my workflow with devtools I shared a few months back. It simply boils down to using LiveReload on the page, using DevTools with the “Save As” functionality [...]

Creating popups without HTML files

I’ll start this post by saying: I very very rarely ever need a popup window, and in fact usually just include an inline overlay. But sometimes the situation comes up when I need a popup – this was one of those times. One thing that always bugged me about dynamic popup windows when compared to [...]