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You’re paying to speak

There are many, many new speakers coming to the web community with their stories and standing up on stage and sharing. I applaud them. It’s a scary thing to stand on stage and share your ideas. And there are many, many hours of work that goes in to the presentations. I’m talking to people like [...]

A Side View: front end dev conference

As the curator of Full Frontal I’m extremely proud of our event and it’s content, and this year we sold out in 11 minutes. That was good and bad. The bad being that lots of people missed out. So I’m running a side event called: Side View on Saturday 9th November in Brighton, UK. It’s [...]

I am hiring

My small company, Left Logic is now actively hiring. Left Logic is based in the heart of Brighton, my favourite part actually: The North Laine. The company is a front end development and JavaScript specialist. I add JavaScript separately, because Node applications feature a lot in the projects we’ve worked on. Technology stack includes: node [...]

jQuery workshop and Node workshop (in trouble?)

In two weeks, 18th & 19 July, I aim to run two very separate workshops for two very separate audiences, but the honest truth is ticket sales have been extremely slow and I’ve got to start considering the chopping block. Node – a day crash course in now it works, tools, creating real-time sites & [...]

Training and events

There’s a number of upcoming events I wanted to blog about, partly to lend a hand to their promotion, and partly to tell you what I’m up to.

My Big Workshop Tour

Last year, a few months before Julie and I were due with Tia, I thought about running a workshop tour. Something where I could offer the web community training, whilst simultaneously seeing more of our grand postage stamp of a country. Here’s why and the plan, and I want your input.

Full Frontal JavaScript 2009

Last Friday I saw through the very first Full Frontal JavaScript conference. An idea that was born back on a snowy day in February, with me complaining there was no conferences dedicated to JavaScript (anymore) and my wife, Julie telling simply replying with let’s do it (it helps that by day she’s an events organiser). [...]