Going Full Frontal in one week

Today is Monday. In 4 days time JavaScripters from across the UK and Europe will be coming together for the UK based JavaScript conference: Full Frontal. After being at JSConf.eu last weekend, I couldn’t be more excited about getting a community of front end developers together again.

Full Frontal BannersFull Frontal is really close to selling out, and I wanted to make a deal with you: if we sell out, Left Logic (my company, consisting of just me) promises to buy everyone a drink at the after party to kick off a great evening.

So if you’re someone who’s been thinking about coming along, or you know someone, this is the week to get your ticket.

The lineup consists of great topics by awesome speakers Christian Heilmann, Robert Nyman, PPK, Stuart Langridge, Todd Kloots, Jake Archibald and Simon Willison. The full schedule and abstracts are available on the web site: http://2009.full-frontal.org

Like I said, we’re really close to selling out, so make your move now to get those last few tickets and the drinks are on me :)

3 Responses to “Going Full Frontal in one week”

  1. Are you gonna videotape the talks and put them on the net later?

  2. There’s no “official” filming of the event, but anyone is welcome to whip out a camera and record (I’ve checked with the speakers that they’re happy with this too).

    We will be publishing all the slides and mp3s of the talks – so that will be available.

  3. [...] successful after party (which I bought the first round for [...]

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